Monday, August 5, 2013

Work SMARTER Not Harder - 3 cardio workouts that will BLAST body fat

You've heard the term HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - what does it entail?

Short bursts of high intensity exercises that get the heart rate high and burn max calories with short recovery periods.  The beauty?  Burn MAX calories in shorter durations!

HIIT 1 - Hill Sprints

  • Find a hill, incline or even use the treadmill at a moderate income (can increase to increase intensity)
  • Begin by warming up 5 minutes with ACTIVE warm up like high knees, military kicks, etc.
  • Start your first 'sprint' - no more than 15-20 seconds.  Take OFF on your toes and push as hard as you can with max capacity!
  • Recover by jogging back to start.  Take 30 seconds rest and begin again!
  • Beginners (10 sprints) Intermediate (15 sprints) Advanced (20 sprints)
HIIT 2 - Gymnasium 'Suicide' Sprints
  • 5 minute active warm up
  • Start your first sprint running from baseline to half court, touch the line, turn quickly and run back to the baseline.  Then sprint FULL speed the full length of the court, touch the line and sprint back to opposite baseline (this is one repetition)
  • Recover by stepping in place 60 seconds and begin again 
  • Beginners (5 suicide sprints) Intermediate (8 suicide sprints) Advanced (12 suicide sprints)

HIIT 3 - Treadmill Off Sprints
  • 5 minute active warm up
  • With treadmill off, grip handles on either side and use resistance to push the belt with your legs - sprint 20 seconds then hop off treadmill
  • jog in place 60 seconds
  • Jump back on treadmill and repeat
  • Beginners (10 sprints) Intermediate (15 sprints) Advances (20 Sprints)

Remember that HIIT is EXCELLENT to add into your workouts for GREAT body fat/caloric burn but alternate between anaerobic HIIT and aerobic exercise like stepper, spin class, etc!  Keep that body GUESSING!

Happy HIIT!

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