Sunday, August 11, 2013

Football Season Shape Up!

The goal of this workout is to get it done FAST but with INTENT and going your FULL INTENSITY!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) not only burns calories but also helps to recruit muscle fibers and BUILD more muscle!  The more lean muscle mass you have?  The more calories you burn on an ongoing basis and the leaner you will be overall!

This football season, try this power and speed workout and get fit!

Try this on a football field, a track, the gymnasium at the gym, a large grassy area or a park!

Warm Up
Jog in Place 1 min
'Butt Kickers' 1 min (running in place kicking heels high behind you)
Military Kicks 1 min (kick leg out straight and touch toes, alternating legs)
Low intensity run 1 min


  • Football Fast Feet (squat position on your toes, move your feet as FAST as you can) 1 min
  • 10 Burpees (Standing - drop to push up position and perform a push up, get back to standing quickly and EXPLODE upwards into a high jump)
  • 10 Sprints with lunge back (EXPLODE into a quick sprint for 20 seconds then walking lunge back to start and repeat)
  • Quick Feet Step Ups (on a curb or step, step up and down alternating feet as fast as you can) 1 min
  • 1 minute plank
(Repeat sequence 2x)

Cool Down:
Cool down by running a slow paced run for 3 minutes 

Read, Set, GO Challenge yourself this week!

Be sure to tune in to the Today's Show to see me LIVE with Kathie Lee and Hoda this Wednesday, August 14th at 10am to see who will be crowned the Women's Health Magazine's 'Next Fitness Star'!!

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