Monday, August 19, 2013

Tarrah's Top 3 Healthy LunchBox Foods

Its Back-to-School Time!  The madness and mayhem of busy schedules begin!  Don't want your kids noshing on the chocolate milk, soda and vending machine junk at school?  Pack their food JUST like you pack yours (or should be :-) )

Here are my Top 3 Power Snacks to pack in Kids Lunches!

1.) Solbites - all natural fruit and nut butter spread with whole grain crackers in an easy to-go pack!  Whole Foods or any other Natural Grocery store carry!  Just 200 calories, 5g protein, 10g sugar (none added)

2.) Think Thin Bites - all natural protein bar 'bites' made with nuts, nut butters, and all natural ingredients.  ZERO sugar, 100 calories and lots of tasty flavors!  Whole Foods, Kroger, even Wal Mart carry!

3.)  Justin's Almond Butter Pouch with Crunch Master Individual pack whole grain crackers - Just Almonds!  Great snack for kids on the go with the whole grain goodness of Crunch Masters Multi grain crackers!  250 calories for both and no added sugars!  Find at most ALL grocery stores!

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