Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tarrah's Top 3 Travel Tips for Eating Healthy on the Go!

Think you can't eat clean and healthy while you travel? Think AGAIN!  It's all in your preparation! Remember - 'Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail'

So you are traveling and want to stay clean and healthy but seen sure how with the meetings, family obligations, social outings, etc?  Here are my Top 3 Tips for Eating healthy while on the road!

1). PACK your food!

  • Maybe not every meal- but enough food for you to keep your metabolism high by eating often
  • Pack quick and easy things like Garden of Life's individual Raw Protein packets and a shaker bottle (found at Whole Foods), packets of almond butter, whole grain crackers, hard boiled egg whites and other easy healthy foods! 
  • My personal favorite? Packets of instant oats, almond butter packets and protein powder packets- get a cup of hot water and pour over oats, add almond butter and protein powder and viola! You have a complete meal with ratios of protein/carb/fat to keep your energy high and keep you going on your long travel days!
  • TSA allows ALL Food through security domestically- fresh, frozen, packets- just make sure any liquids are in 3oz bottles
  • Invest in a cooler like a vino temp rolling cooler that plugs into a wall outlet and fits into the overhead! www.vinotemp.com
2.). PLAN out your trip!
  • Research and plan out some restaurants you know have healthy offerings 
  • When eating out, order your proteins cooked 'dry' with no butters/oils/sauces and your carbohydrates 'dry' like baked potatoes and sweet potatoes with no toppings. Order your veggies steamed and ask what alternatives they have for certain things (ie: brown rice vs white)
  • Order lean proteins like egg whites in place of eggs, sirloin in place of ribeye, chicken, fresh fish, shellfish, lean pork tenderloin and turkey.
3.) HYDRATE with LOTS of water!
  • Travel stress and long hours of sitting can cause the body to retain water- be sure to continue drinking the same amount of water you do ok normal days on your trip!
  • Restaurant and take out (even at healthy establishments) has excess sodium and will also cause your body to retain water- continuing to drink the recommended water amount each day will keep you from retaining
  • Travel stress can also cause digestive issues- keeping up on your water intake can help you to flush and detox you body and aid in digestion 
  • Tip: Bring a large water bottle with you in your carry on- or just carry it on the side. Ask a coffee shop in the airport for ice and fill it up once you are through security. You will have a water bottle to carry around with you on your trip!
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  1. If you feel stress with long hours of sitting then have a cup of coffee. It gives instant relaxation from stress.

    Kopi Luwak