Sunday, June 30, 2013

I am a Women's Health Next Fitness Star Finalist! Help me win and VOTE!

I am thrilled, honored, humbled and frankly...SO EXCITED to announce that I have been selected by Women's Health out of thousands of applicants as a finalist to be the Women's Health 'Next Fitness Star'!

In February, a client of mine approached me with our favorite women's fitness magazine and an ad for the contest, 'The Next Fitness Star.'  The magazine was searching for a female trainer who inspires and motivates her clients in creative, new and exciting ways.  We were to submit a photo, video of our 'exercise philosophy', bio and answer several questions about our love for our job.

In March, I received the phone call I wasn't expecting.  After a lifetime of obesity and unhealthy habits, I never BELIEVED in a million years that I would not only get fit, but be selected as a top 5 finalist for Women's Health's 'Next Fitness Star' competition!

All 5 of us finalists were flown to NYC for an incredible week of photo and video shoots sponsored by Athleta - one of my FAVORITE fitness apparel companies!  On June 25th, the June/July edition of Women's Health arrived on newsstands with our group photo on the first ever 'flip cover' as well as full page stories and photos on each of us inside the magazine!  The stories in the magazine tell people how they can vote online EVERYDAY until August 5th for their favorite Fitness Star finalist!

That's where YOU come in!  Everyday until August 5th, you can log on to to vote for me, your favorite Nutritionista, to become Women's Health's Next Fitness Star!  The winner is announced on the Today's Show in August (date TBD) and will be on the magazine's cover, star in a Women's Health workout DVD series and have many more opportunities!

I want to be YOUR Next Fitness Star!  Log on to to vote and see my inspirational video and story!

Most of all - thank you ALL so much for all of your incredible support!  I wouldn't be where I am without all of you!

In Health,
Denver Nutritionista

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's in a Why?

A lot actually!  It's your REASON for motivation - the answer to WHY you get out of bed every morning and make a daily commitment to better health!

I am asked on a daily basis, 'how do you stay motivated?'  'How can I stay motivated?'  'Where do I start'?

My best advice:  Start with your WHY

If you don't have a reason for WHY you want to get fit, eat better, change your lifestyle and live an all around healthier life for you AND your family, you wont make it!

A WHY is different from a goal.  Goals are important, and you will set them throughout the process - but the WHY is the number one aspect of your commitment.  It spans beyond a short term goal, its the big picture of the entire concept of your health.

'I want to wear a little black dress at my friends wedding' = GOAL
'I want to be 10lbs lighter at my reunion this summer = GOAL
'I want to run a 5K race in 2 months' = GOAL

These are ALL great goals!  But they are not an ultimate WHY.  So what is a why?  What does it look like?

Here is mine:
'I spent my ENTIRE life unhealthy - I couldn't be active, I couldn't run, I hated my body - hated being in a swimsuit, hated being in public and was so negative towards myself and my body image for so long.  Now that I have changed my life, my body and my self image, I want to do EVERYTHING I COULDN'T do before!  I want to try every facet of fitness and compete with myself to be the best me I can be!  I want to be an example of health to my family and friends - especially after losing my Father to a heart attack at his young age of 52: all from a lifetime of unhealthy living.'

THIS is a WHY.  This pushes me DAILY to my smaller goals - like climbing a 14er, winning my pro fitness card, becoming a fit Mom someday - all of these goals SURROUND my why and are BACKED by my why.

Without a WHY - you won't have a reason to KEEP GOING!  And you should always KEEP GOING because you can DO ANYTHING!!

My challenge to you this week?  Think about your why - write ideas down and come back at the end of the week and compare/compile your thoughts.  Write it down - put it EVERYWHERE!  Your fridge, your desk at work, your bathroom mirror.  Remind yourself everyday why you want to live a life of health.  And I promise, you WILL find RESULTS!

Happy and Healthy Living!