Monday, November 8, 2010

Snack Time!

Ice cream....nope - doesn't temp me.  Candy?  Definitely not.  Popcorn - eh...not so much.  But you put chips and salsa in front of me and look out!

So in an effort re-create my favorite snack so that it could be incorporated into my diet, I discovered the best healthy alternative out there...and I don't even miss the full fat version!

Mission tortillas makes these amazing new corn tortillas (yay for corn all you fellow gluten free'ers!) called 'Extra Thin Corn Tortillas'.  Find them in the tortilla section of any grocery store.  For TWO tortillas you are only consuming 80 calories and 1 gram of fat!  Wow!  I love it!

Chips and Salsa:
  • Take two corn tortillas (extra thin) and place on a cutting board.  Using a pizza cutter, slice them into triangles. 
  • Place on a sprayed cookie sheet and broil on high 3 minutes on each side (you have to really watch these guys...they burn easily!)
  • Remove from oven and place on a plate - sprinkle with a small amount of sea salt
  • Serve with 1/4 cup of your favorite salsa - mmmmmm!!!


How about some nachos! can eat nachos on a good nutrition plan?  YUP!

Healthy Chicken Nachos

2 oz all white meat rotisserie chicken
3 Mission Extra Thin Corn Tortillas cut and broiled
1 TBS Kraft 2% milk fat shredded cheddar cheese
1 TBS Black Bean and Corn Mixture (From frozen food isle in any grocery store - look for Southwest Blend)
2 TBS Salsa
  • After chips are broiled, place on plate and top with chicken, black bean and corn mixture and cheese.
  • Microwave 1 minute or until cheese is melted
  • Top with Salsa
VIOLA!  Healthy Nachos!!


The nachos are great as a meal - add some veggies on the side like Kroger's 'Fiesta Blend' frozen vegetables.  Just heat in a microwave safe container for 2 minutes and serve with some salsa on top - perfect!

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  1. I mix some reduced sodium black beans in with my salsa!! MMM!