Friday, November 5, 2010

'Can't' Means Won't Try

I hate ....I repeat....I HATE the word 'can't'.

I hear the word can't everyday from people...but not about the workouts - about nutrition. 

'I can't eat right, I can't stop eating bad things, I can't eat healthy because it doesn't taste the same, I can't make time to plan my meals, I can't eat healthy when my friends and family are eating poorly, I can't eat whole wheat pasta and veggies when chicken alfredo sounds so much better'..........

3 words - YES YOU CAN!

No, healthy food does not taste the same as unhealthy food.  Butter, oil, cream, sugar....sure they make foods taste good - but they wreak havoc on your digestive system, your heart, your liver, your weight...I could go on forever.  And if you have a all that really worth it for the sake of flavor? 

It takes 14 days to create a habit - I tell everyone this in working out.  Do it for 14 days and it becomes a daily routine.  The SAME is true with nutrition.  It takes 14 days to make a habit out of eating healthy.  Get used to foods tasting different.  They may not taste the same, but they don't taste bad.  You will get used to the natural flavors foods bring out - vegetables. proteins, fruits, grains.  You won't need the added crap to your foods anymore.

Some good 'food for thought':

Food in your pantry that you just can't resist indulging on?  THROW IT OUT!  Get rid of it and don't buy it again!  How will you cheat when you don't have it in the house?

Peer pressure....this is another one that really hits home for me.  When you surround yourself with people who take you away from your goals or encourage an un-healthy lifestyle...its time to take a step back.  Ask yourself what your goal is, how important is it to you, how far are you willing  to go to get there.  Ask the people in your life to support you and maybe even do it with you.  If they will not - take a step back focus on you and your goal.

Make sure to treat yourself!  Eat clean all week, wake up feeling great everyday for what you are putting in your body, for the butt-kicking workouts you are doing!  And plan and allow a 'treat meal' every week....make it something to look forward to!  Meet your friends out for Mexican, have people over for pasta night!  But only one meal ...not a whole treat 'day'.  This can negate all your hard work for the week.  Treat meals help keep us on track and actually help fuel the metabolism. 

Make yourself and your goal your number on priority and always ask yourself 'is eating this really worth it?'.....probably not.

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