Monday, April 2, 2012

Does this make me gain weight?

I have heard it time and time again:

'my new meds make me gain weight', 'birth control makes me gain weight', 'my surgery made me gain weight'

There is one thing and one thing only you must realize - the ONLY thing that makes you gain weight, is overconsumption.  The only think that makes you lose weight is burning more than you consume and the quality of what you consume.

So why have you gained weight with your new meds?  Certain medications cause your hormone levels to increase or decrease which can directly affect your cortisol levels - making you feel hungry.  Birth control is one of these that affects your hormone levels and causes cravings.

Other medications, like anti-depressants, help people feel better emotionally and can cause them to consume more.

A good rule of thumb: don't stray off your normal meal plan on meds, post surgery, etc.  Stay on plan, eat clean, eat often, keep the metabolism burning, drink LOTS of water and realize that your hunger pains are just that - cravings that you can sustain.

Eat a combo of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats in each meal and you will be sure the protein, fiber and healthy fat combo will keep you full until your next meal 3 hours later (example: a 'burrito bowl' with 1/2 cup of brown rice, 4 ounces of chicken, 1/2 cup bell peppers and 2 TBS avocado).  In this way, medications, surgery - nothing can stop you!

I always harp on my clients to plan, prepare and pack (the 3 P's to LIVE by!).  Emergencies happen and having your food prepared will help you stay on track and not gain unwanted weight.  Emergency meeting?  You can resist the doughnuts the boss brings when you have your food packed and ready with you.  Bring EVERYTHING everyday just in case.

Last week, after a 20 hour drive to CO with my fiancĂ©, I was rushed to the ER with severe abdominal pains.  an hour later I was in the OR being prepped for emergency appendectomy surgery.  Luckily - I had all my meals prepped for the new week and was able to stay on plan, recover and not gain a pound.  The mistake many make after surgery or a hospital visit is emotional eating for comfort - DONT do it!  All this will do is cause weight gain with decreased activity and affect your mental and physical well being.  Depending on the type of surgery you have had, eating unhealthy foods can harm your health as well.  For example - when your gall bladder is removed, your bodies ability to process fats is decreased.  Consuming high amounts of fats will indeed cause weight gain after this surgery as your body cannot process the fats and thus store them.

Remember if you are taking daily meds or recovering from a procedure, your health is affected by something that has called for the med or the surgery.  Stay focused on your health - if you put good in, you will receive good in return - your body will thank you!

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