Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why WASTE your time and money?

I've said it many times - and for many this REALY hits home:

'Why waste your precious TIME and hard earned MONEY by working hard in the gym then walking out and negating ALL that hard work by feeding your body CRAP?'

It WONT work - no amount of cardio and strength training will remedy a poor diet.

Its math:

  • 3500 calories = 1lb
  • To lose weight, your must create a DEFICIT
  • So over a week, if you can cut 250 calories from your nutrition and 250 calories by BURNING them in workouts, you will lose 1lb a week
  • Not to mention, you will build lean muscle mass which burns MORE fat than anything!  Lean muscle = calorie burning furnace ALL DAY LONG!

So lets say you go to the gym, burn these calories and then go 'treat' yourself to FroYo, Chipotle, wine, Happy Hour, etc etc etc throughout the week.  

  • You will either:
  1. Stay the SAME
  2. GAIN 
All depending on the damage you do food-wise?

What's the point?  Who wants to see all that hard-earned cash and blood, sweat and tears flushed down the toilet?  NOT ME! 

Make your MONEY and your TIME count!  
  1. Eat CLEAN (if its in a box - say NO!  Buy food in its pure form and prep at home: lean proteins, whole grains, fruits/veggies and healthy fats)
  2. Eat OFTEN (Every 3 hours to stabilize blood sugar and REVVVV metabolism)
  3. Stay ACTIVE (Do something you LOVE- hike, bike, run, kickbox - you CHOOSE!)
Guess what will happen?


Happy and Healthy Eating!

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