Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"I'll just wait til AFTER the Holidays"

"I'll get in touch with you about training after the Holidays"
"I'll start eating healthy after the Holidays"
"I know I won't be able to say no to all the goodies - it will be too hard'

Damn straight it's hard - it's WORK.  Just like anything else.  Tell me one thing you got in life worth getting that was easy?  A cake walk (no pun intended)?  To reach a goal, truly feel pride for hitting that goal - all the while remaining humble because you KNOW how hard it was to reach your end destination is hard work.  Make no mistake.

But what is it worth to you?  Your goal?  If you don't have one - so be it!  But if you do - what is it worth to you?  

Ask yourself:
  • Would I rather be overweight and unhealthy?
  •  Or would I rather make a change to a healthy lifestyle - still enjoying treats in moderation?
If you answered that you would rather be overweight and unhealthy - thats your choice.  We are all allowed to chose!  But be prepared to:
  • Be diagnosed with chronic illnesses - directly caused by your unhealthy lifestyle and weight
  • Spend massive amounts of money monthly on prescription drugs that you could omit by eating healthy and being active
  • Low energy levels
  • Isolation from social situations by choice
  • Suffering from depression and unhappiness from sheer exhaustion and all around lethargy from poor nutrition and inactivity
Why do that?  Life is TOO short!  Live life to its fullest and DONT let an EXCUSE (**ahem: the 'Holidays') deter you from your goal!

So many people think that by living a 'healthy lifestyle' it means they have to give up all the foods they love.  Neigh not so - but by living a healthy lifestyle - you don't have to make life ABOUT FOOD!  Its about people, relationships, experiences, happiness, sadness, laughter, tears - all of those things that have NOTHING to do with food!

But that doesn't mean you have to give up things you love!  Just means you don't eat them everyday - and you SHOULDN'T!  Our bodies were not meant to process (and physically cannot - thus why most stores as fat) high saturated fats, sugars, processed junk and baked Christmas 'goodies'.  But can you have them once a week for a 'treat' - absolutely!  If you are living a healthy and clean lifestyle - minimizing processed foods, fast foods, restaurant eating, sugar and eating clean lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and veggies then your metabolism is running HIGH and can quickly process the weekly 'treat'.  

I encourage ALL of my clients to have a weekly treat meal - this does two things: helps keep the metabolism sped by introducing something different into the body weekly.  It also helps keep you on track and gives you a meal you can look forward to.  But IN FACT - you can look forward to ALL your meals!  Because eating healthy doesn't have to mean boring!

For Thanksgiving I made:

Chipotle Maple glazed roasted sweet potatoes with apples and parsnips, roasted balsamic brussel sprouts with pistachios and fresh basil, whole grain jalepeno poppyseed biscuits with egg whites and almond milk and a mixed grain stuffing with wild rice, quinoa, apricots, shiitake mushrooms, onions, garlic and fresh herbs.  How YUM does that sound?  And guess what?  I cooked with ZERO butter, ZERO oils, ZERO cholesterol/fat laden egg yolks, ZERO processed/canned goods - all healthy and fresh and seasoned with herbs and spices.  

It CAN be done!  So then after a clean and delicious meal I could enjoy my slice of apple crisp and coffee!  And it was delicious!

Do you want all your traditional Holiday staples in your Holiday meal?  GREAT!  Eat them - small portions of each and stop when you are full.  Then the trick?  Its so easy - go RIGHT back to clean eating after and get RID of the leftovers!  One meal will NOT sabotage you - but several days of noshing on fat/sugar/processed foods WILL affect your waistline!

Don't be the 'Average American' who puts on 7-10lbs from November-Janurary!  Why 'Wait' to get healthy only to end up MORE UNHEALTHY at the starting point?  Let's agree to be ABOVE average and ENJOY our treats but remain healthy, happy and feeling GREAT this Holiday season so we can spend more time with those we love!

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

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