Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's in a Why?

A lot actually!  It's your REASON for motivation - the answer to WHY you get out of bed every morning and make a daily commitment to better health!

I am asked on a daily basis, 'how do you stay motivated?'  'How can I stay motivated?'  'Where do I start'?

My best advice:  Start with your WHY

If you don't have a reason for WHY you want to get fit, eat better, change your lifestyle and live an all around healthier life for you AND your family, you wont make it!

A WHY is different from a goal.  Goals are important, and you will set them throughout the process - but the WHY is the number one aspect of your commitment.  It spans beyond a short term goal, its the big picture of the entire concept of your health.

'I want to wear a little black dress at my friends wedding' = GOAL
'I want to be 10lbs lighter at my reunion this summer = GOAL
'I want to run a 5K race in 2 months' = GOAL

These are ALL great goals!  But they are not an ultimate WHY.  So what is a why?  What does it look like?

Here is mine:
'I spent my ENTIRE life unhealthy - I couldn't be active, I couldn't run, I hated my body - hated being in a swimsuit, hated being in public and was so negative towards myself and my body image for so long.  Now that I have changed my life, my body and my self image, I want to do EVERYTHING I COULDN'T do before!  I want to try every facet of fitness and compete with myself to be the best me I can be!  I want to be an example of health to my family and friends - especially after losing my Father to a heart attack at his young age of 52: all from a lifetime of unhealthy living.'

THIS is a WHY.  This pushes me DAILY to my smaller goals - like climbing a 14er, winning my pro fitness card, becoming a fit Mom someday - all of these goals SURROUND my why and are BACKED by my why.

Without a WHY - you won't have a reason to KEEP GOING!  And you should always KEEP GOING because you can DO ANYTHING!!

My challenge to you this week?  Think about your why - write ideas down and come back at the end of the week and compare/compile your thoughts.  Write it down - put it EVERYWHERE!  Your fridge, your desk at work, your bathroom mirror.  Remind yourself everyday why you want to live a life of health.  And I promise, you WILL find RESULTS!

Happy and Healthy Living!

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  1. I read your very inspirational story in the Denver Post this morning. Wow! I workout hard; it's the clean eating thing that is my biggest challenge. How, oh how, do you give up sugar? I always feel I need a little something sweet after I eat. Fruit doesn't always satisfy me. Any advice? Thanks! Can't wait to try some of your recipes.